Toxygen feat. Karo – Borussia (Wir werden immer bei dir sein) – official Video FULL HD


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Mehdi Benatia ● The Big Lion of MOROCCO ● FC Bayern Munich ● HD 2015


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Borussia Dortmund dont want to part Company with Jurgen


Borussia Dortmund have confirmed that they have no intentions of parting company with manager Jurgen Klopp despite a poor run of results that has left the club in the relegation zone during winter break.

Dortmund do not return to league action until the end of January. This gives them enough time to get together and work towards getting the club back up the table. This is the first season – since the arrival of Klopp in 2008 – that the team has struggled for results. Despite their poor form in the league, Dortmund are in a great position to reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Continue reading ‘Borussia Dortmund dont want to part Company with Jurgenrgb’

AS Roma vs Bayern Munich 1-7 ALL GOALS ~ Champions League 21/10/2014


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Newcastle United to decide on future of Aarons


Newcastle United’s Ronaldo Aarons is hailed to be the new Raheem Sterling as both players are from Jamaica and operate down the wings. Aarons has one year left in his contract with Newcastle United and it’s now being understood that Alan Pardew along with the owner of the Premier League club, Mike Ashley are having or will be having discussions and meetings concerning the future of Ronaldo Aarons.

Ronaldo Aarons is currently being tracked and monitored by Manchester City and Liverpool as both clubs are interested in signing the 19 years old player who has already made an impressive start to his Premier League career after scoring a goal on the first league match that he started from the opening minutes of the match when playing against Crystal Palace.

When Ronaldo was asked about what he thinks concerning the recent comparisons with Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling, the player of Newcastle United responded by saying that he is still not in the same level as Sterling who has already managed to represent and play for England during the World Cup.

“But I’m not Raheem Sterling. We’re different players and I’ve a long way to go before I can even consider myself to be anywhere near that level.He’s played for England at the World Cup and I’ve only played three or four games for Newcastle United. I don’t think there’s any reason to get carried away.” Newcastle United’s Ronaldo Aarons said.

Aarons is currently recovering from a hamstring injury after having played for England in the Under-20s team. The future of Ronaldo Aarons will ultimately depend on a number of factors as to how much cash are Manchester City and Liverpool prepared to offer for the 19 years old winger, it will also depend on Mike Ashley and Alan Pardew if they are willing to sell the promising young talent and use that cash injection to sign other players and upgrade other departments of the squad and lastly another important factor is whether or not Ronaldo Aarons wants to continue playing for Newcastle United or join another club.

Polska Borussia Dortmund – film dokumentalny 2012


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Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid 2014 (0-4) ~ Match review


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Joey Barton At The Football Beyond Borders Event


The QPR star Joey Barton has admitted that football has been a life saver for him. He says that his life that would otherwise be of violence and drugs was saved by the game football. In the event that he went in Shoreditch, he encouraged the youngsters to follow their dream like him and be relentlessly focused. He addressed the audience at the event Football Beyond Barriers. He told them that football was a very good way in which they could develop their character and get rid of all the distractions.

He told everyone that how important it is to follow one’s dream and to do what they love doing. One should find and realize what they love doing and just go with it. Fight all the barriers and hurdles and come out with flying colors. Whether you like playing the sport football or simply like to sell or collect its stickers, you could do anything for a living.

Joey shared his life history as to how he was growing up at St. John’s Estate in Huyton in Liverpool. He described and shared how normal was the violence, gangs, drugs and racism while he was growing up. He said that football was like a break-through and escape route for him from all these things. He stated his life experiences where his cousin had killed a black guy and was serving his life sentence. He was brought up with kids like them but the only difference he had with them was that he was engrossed in football. He highlights on the positivity life can offer. He told that we all could be anybody we wanted to be and that we do need a person to tell us anything good or bad. All in all he tried to say that football is a game that can save the disadvantaged people.

9. Spieltag | Borussia Dortmund – Hannover 96 | PK vor dem Spiel


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